Clear Basket Bags 10 Pack
Clear Basket Bags 10 Pack
Clear Basket Bags 10 Pack
Clear Basket Bags 10 Pack

Clear Basket Bags 10 Pack

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ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT made by Purple Q Craft!

It is once again that time of the year that you gotta give out those gifts! You are overwhelmed just by thinking of it! - Ok, let's count how many gifts do I need to give? Family, Neighbors, Friends, Employees, Teachers, Principals... the list is endless! - Now you think "maybe I should just buy them all ready made? WAIT!!! You don't need to get that frustrated anymore!!!

With our Purple Q Craft crystal clear cellophane smart bags for gift baskets, gift boxes, candies, cookies, gifts, wines, and much more... You can resolve this issue & send all the gifts you want while you get a good night sleep too!

Tie it with a cute ribbon and personalize it with our Thank you sticker tag (sold separately).

Perfect for sending treats too!

BETTER than other Brands:

Why you should buy these over the other brands? Because they are:

  1. Elegant Chrystal Clear.
  2. Extra thick & won't tear.
  3. Large, can fit most baskets or gift boxes.
  4. Easier to wrap with our Air-Free solution
  5. Top Quality at lower cost!


  • Make any basket look beautiful by placing it in our cellophane gift bags for the perfect present
  • Whether you are sending a gift for Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, or you want to wrap a birthday present, or to package a baby or bridal shower presentation, these bags will surely enhance your gift!
  • Our Basket Bags are made from 1.5 mil thick material to prevent tearing while wrapping the basket or gift, for a safe and reliable gift giving experience.
  • At 18 x 30 inches this cellophane wrap is great for wrapping pictures or other large gifts. Our clear packaging will make any cake, wine bottle, or present, shine for a beautiful presentation.