Electric Personal Coffee Mug
Electric Personal Coffee Mug
Electric Personal Coffee Mug
Electric Personal Coffee Mug
Electric Personal Coffee Mug
Electric Personal Coffee Mug
Electric Personal Coffee Mug

Electric Personal Coffee Mug

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With an extra-wide plate to fit 'most any cup or mug, this electric warmer is the ideal companion for coffee, tea, cocoa, or even soup. Never sip cold coffee again.

There's nothing more disappointing than a cup of coffee that's gone cold. But who has the time to keep reheating it again and again? Now you don't have to, with the Bravo Line Beverage and Coffee Warmer.

Just place your mug on top of the aluminum plate, switch the unit on and go about your business. Whether you're at work or getting stuff done around the house, the warmer will keep your coffee deliciously steamy until you're ready for that next sip. Our model delivers more warming power than other brands, so your beverage actually stays hot — not lukewarm.

For coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or soup
4" oversized aluminum base to fit most cups
Warms more effectively than other brands — reaches up to 120˚C / 248˚F
Bright red power indicator light
Automatic shutoff feature
Plugs into any standard electrical outlet
Slim design
Lightweight & portable — easy to take anywhere

This is a "smart" coffee warmer. After 3 hours, the coffee warmer will shut off automatically, but the light on the switch will still remain on. To turn coffee warmer back on after the 3-hour auto shut off time, simply press the switch off and then back on again.

Looking for the ideal gift? Our warmer will delight your favorite executive, professional, college student, or avid coffee connoisseur. Because who doesn't appreciate a steaming cup of joe? PLUS: Your purchase comes with two bonus beverage covers to help keep your drink even warmer.

Keep your coffee hot the no-hassle way with the Bravo Line Beverage and Coffee Warmer.

  • KEEPS YOUR JAVA PIPING HOT & DELICIOUS: Tired of getting up from your desk to pop your coffee in the microwave? This beverage warmer keeps your mug toasty for as long as you take to drink it.
  • WARMS BETTER THAN ORDINARY MODELS: Your coffee warmer pad hits higher temps than typical brands — up to 120˚C / 248˚F. So your tea, coffee, cocoa, or soup reaches the perfect temp and stays that way.
  • LARGER TO FIT ALL MUGS: This coffee warmer plate is 4" in diameter, while lesser models are only 3". That means your mug warmer fits more styles and sizes of coffee cups.
  • AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF AND WATERPROOF: Pets and kids around the house? No need to worry about accidental burns with the auto shutoff feature of this mug warmer. The sensor will automatically shut off after 3 hours. PLUS don't worry if you spill on your coffee warmer because it is WATERPROOF. No liquid will ever get between the heat plate and the ceramic casing! With 2 bonus beverage covers, it makes a great gift.
  • 30-DAY 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Buy your hot coffee warmer without risk. If you're not thrilled for any reason, just return it for a full, no-hassle refund.